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Shade Sails Sydney
ABN: 83092275397

Western Sydney- 0417715095
North Sydney - 0417715095
Cronulla / Campbelltown - 0499468605
Wollongong - 0499468605
Sydney (All Suburbs) - 0417715095
Newcastle - 0438715095

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Newcastle Shade Sails Local Government Procurement Approved Contractor




All our shade covers are double stitched, reinforced and fully guaranteed, available in a wide range of shapes, sizes & colours.


OH&S Policies

Our Occupational Health & Safety Policies

Shade Sails Sydney is involved in the Building and Construction Industry. The health, safety, quality and reliability of this company, its materials and services are the responsibility of every person in the organisation.

Shade Sails Sydney requires a demonstrated commitment to :-

Ensuring allShade Sails Sydney Employees, Subcontractors and Suppliers understand their OH&S and Quality  Assurance roles.

Adequate Job Planning and working to formal documented procedures with trained and skilled personnel.

Providing all necessary resources to achieve our objectives including continual training and instruction of all personnel.

Minimising the prospect but accepting the “defects” in contract work that comes from a “defect” created by our OH&S and Quality Assurance Systems.

Continually improving our OH&S and Quality Assurance system developmentand service to our clients.

Achieving OH&S and Quality Assurance to Third Party Accreditation.

To ensure that the above objectives are achieved we are committed to the development of an OH&S and Quality Assurance system that meets the requirements of the OH&S Construction Act (1912), Codes of Practice in the Construction Industry
and ISO 9002-1994.